Soul Mates and Counterpart Identities

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Why some Soul Mates are Correct Soul Mates I have touched on the topic of soul mates ahead of but simply because I had not discussed in any detail the multiplicity of the human identity I have not attempted to clarify one particular of the primary factors that the legends of “”soul mates”” has endured by means of the centuries.

I have hinted that consciousness has no limitations and seeks to express itself in as lots of dimensions as doable. We have to some extent talked about reincarnation and touched on probable selves, but I did not want to start a topic that would surely scandalize some of our readers back then. It appears to me that we have reached a point exactly where at least some of you can look at the complicated truths behind the massive scope of correct identity. You are significantly a lot more than you believe you are.

These ideas are so wealthy that they escape the cognitive skills of the human brain and may perhaps appear to be not possible to these nonetheless mired in outdated, misleading and limiting beliefs.

The truths behind and underlying human reality surely are not for the weak minded, who would slavishly adhere to the old worn out myths and tales of the previous, perpetrated on these who are ignorant or misled, by so named teachers, clerics and gurus, endlessly repeating nonsensical stories of straightforward one particular individual, one particular globe, one particular universe and a God who got so exhausted from developing the globe that “”He”” had to take a day off to rest. Did not it ever happen to these individuals that reality is certainly NOT THAT Uncomplicated, but unbelievably expansive and complicated to recognize.

Do you know exactly where you came from? Do you know why you are right here? Do you ever believe about what or exactly where the universe came from? Do you really feel that there is a thing a lot more underlying the globe that you know? There ARE answers accessible, but they are only accessible to these who seek Know-how by seeking for what is inside of the outdoors.

I also know that there are lots of who are happy with what they are told and that is OK also, considering the fact that every person is precisely exactly where they really should be in their quest for expertise and answers and no one particular will or really should try to dissuade them from their beliefs. The outdoors globe of physical materialization is a outcome, the look of inner psychic activity propelled outward into physical objects and events.

Of course, the inside of the outdoors will only give you glimpses of what you can presently recognize inside the physical method, but even additional divorced from the three dimensional, physical method lies the inside of the inside, and there lies the Ultimate, and even the Ultimate wonders what lies beyond.

So, I speak now to these who have produced a conscious selection to appear beyond the outdoors that seems ahead of the physical eyes, to deeper psychological depths of the correct nature and structure of your total identity There are these amongst you who are asking yourself, there are these who have gone beyond asking yourself and are actively browsing for these inner truths.

Numerous have provided up hope that any genuine truths truly exist and that there are no genuine answers to what they know is certainly out there. They sense a deep and abiding affinity with the earth, their atmosphere and all of nature, but there is a lot more, and they know it exists someplace. They just do not know exactly where to appear.

There is a reality behind person personalities that we have not discussed ahead of and so we will now attempt and go over the person YOU. I am nicely conscious of the difficulty in attempting to clarify some of these esoteric ideas, Naturaful Review – Breast Cream, Results, Buy, Scam, Does it Work but esoteric is what we have to deal with in order to recognize the vast scope of identity. We have to start with a straightforward image of the Soul and the Entity. We have explained this ahead of in articles on the Soul getting a portion of the Entity.

What I want to make clear right here is that the Soul is so significantly a lot more than you have ever imagined, that to you, it would be viewed as a God in itself, with skills and goal beyond human comprehension, straddling worlds, dimensions, systems, bust enhancers, planes and universes, but holding its indelible identity although itself nonetheless getting a portion of an More than Soul and Entity far a lot more expansive and evolved than itself. I have stated this ahead of, and will once again, that every person, anything is portion of a thing else. This “”getting a portion of”” is named a Gestalt. I have also stated lots of instances that I choose the term Entity more than Soul merely simply because there is so significantly misunderstanding on what the Soul genuinely Is, but in between your Soul and the Entity, lies the More than Soul, which is a grouping of Souls.

Personalities then have their personal Soul as you have yours, or as it is you. A group of personalities constitute a Soul (Complete Identity). The More than Soul is then composed of a group of Souls. The Entity is composed of groups of Overs Souls/Souls and Identities. Of course these gestalt groupings go on and on, merging and becoming portion of even a lot more evolved Entities and there is no definable division even though one particular be portion of yet another. There is no intrusion, no blurring of identity and complete freedom prevails at all Gestalt levels and all advantage from the expertise of the a lot more evolved levels. In other words, the person character added benefits immeasurably from its association with the Entity. So let me briefly state that the Soul is not some wispy, invisible, Holy issue that you return to God when you die.

The Soul or Entity is the most concentrated, potent, self conscious kind of universal power that exists. Some Entities are a lot more evolved than other people, beyond human comprehension. It is not a getting, as in human getting, but it is an evolved identity that knows itself as lots of identity/personalities, very motivated and purposeful, exploring reality in lots of dimensions simultaneously by means of the personalities that help its structure. Identities and Souls help the psychological structure of the Entity just as your cells, help the identity of you. The Soul is not a thing you personal, it is a thing you ARE. When you are in a human physique, you are your Soul expressed in flesh and blood and there is no separation. Other portions of your complete identity are also expressions of the Soul in their personal systems and dimensions Just as the electrons that make up your bodily structure are portion of the cells, molecules, organs and all round physique consciousness, so YOU are portion of your Soul/Entity and in a extremely genuine way, a portion of All That Is.

Once again, there is no separation. Right here is the genuine complicated portion, to recognize, that you have a Soul, but that your Soul is also perceived by other components of your identity as theirs. But in a bigger sense, it IS yours alone considering the fact that it is you. The other personalities that are portion of your Soul are also portions of your total identity that are the living counterparts of your identity, other elements of you, exploring other spheres of activity that presently you are not conscious of. I have made use of this analogy ahead of and considering the fact that I like it will do so once again right here with some slight modifications. Suppose you had been walking down a nation road and came to a junction exactly where 4 roads intersected. Consider then that you appear down every of the other 3 roads asking yourself what lies ahead and attempt to determine which road you really should opt for to discover.

You have to opt for one particular more than the other people, but think about now that you have the capacity to divide your self into 3 person selves, separate parcels of you, providing your self the capacity to stroll down all 3 of the roads simultaneously, meeting on the other finish and rejoining into one particular self once again. These other selves are components of your identity exploring these other roads. From the viewpoint of the Soul/Entity, one particular road, one particular self in one particular globe would not be sufficient, so it divides portions of itself into a number of personalities, sending every into unique locations, realities and dimensions simultaneously, all components of the very same complete, but all exclusive, indelible, but in YOUR space and time reference, and with total freedom to discover their respective potentials.. Right here then is the way you start your journey into a physical physique in the Earth method.

Your Soul/Entity, desirous of varied expertise in the Earth, 3 dimensional realty method, truly fragments itself, developing a psychological living package, a psychic cocoon of identity, capable of withstanding the electromagnetic influences of the potent power fields by means of which it have to travel to attain the precise time/space coordinates of the Earth Technique. The Soul, chooses the preferred method in which it seeks expertise, a method which delivers a comprehensive exclusive chance to obtain expertise like no other, then propels this fragment, cocoon of “”Soul Identity”” (a portion of itself) by means of the very protective, power wealthy physical barriers that separate and isolate the Earth method from all other people.

We are attempting right here to clarify the creation of “”Counterpart Selves”” inside the physical Earth method, all operating in the course of the very same historical time period. The cocoon of “”Soul Stuff””, a capsule of concentrated power, (incipient character), enters the Earth method with such impetus that it itself is as soon as once again fractured into quite a few psychic elements, every dividing as a cell could divide or as twins may perhaps kind inside the physical method. As this incipient character divides itself, it creates what could be named “”Splinter Personalities”” (Counterparts), all from the very same supply but not identical, which are then scattered across the physical landscape of the Earth. Some of these Splinter Personalities will populate as unique sexes and unique races in other nations about the globe and some will share the very same common territory as your self. Try to remember, they are of the very same psychic stock as your self, so you will share related traits, resemblances and inclinations and will be drawn to related varieties of expertise.

In that respect, you will have psychic parents ahead of you obtain physical parents, but do not take that also actually as it could be misleading. Of course, these character fragments (Counterparts) turn out to be person, self conscious psychic identities and they will be drawn to their pre-arranged destinations (physical parents), exactly where they will at some point enter the establishing fetuses at an acceptable time and be born into a physical physique. The arrangements have been produced and the way has been ready for the quickly to emerge new character.

Now I am conscious that you will in all probability want to have me committed to a psych ward, but I will take the likelihood. Each and every of these Counterparts are you, but in a bigger sense, they are themselves and not you at all. It would be appropriate to say that your Counterparts, your Splinter Selves are you but not you, considering the fact that their identity, like yours is exclusive in its personal proper, independent with no cost will, indelible in the universe, but but, your strings of identity are intertwined with your counterparts. Counterparts are connected psychologically but not physically.

I trust by now that you see exactly where I am going with this. There is an attraction in between counterparts/Splinter Selves and that attraction will be stronger by far than an attraction to yet another non-Counterpart character. Numerous refer to this powerful bonding attraction knowledgeable in between these psychological selves, referring to them as “”SOUL MATES””. Other folks refer to the related experiences that often bleed by means of from one particular counterpart to yet another as Deja vous. You may perhaps by no means discover or meet your Splinter Selves/Soul Mates, but you may perhaps. They will be unique sexes, unique races and may perhaps have unique interests and occupations, but they will all be about the very same age considering the fact that they have entered the Earth Technique at the very same time. You and your Counterparts may perhaps be drawn to every other from across the globe that you know, joining related groups that share interests, as joining a choir, or joining in a social networking web page, noticing an unusually powerful attraction to every other above and beyond what would be viewed as typical.

Distance is not a barrier in this attraction in between Counterparts. It has been assumed that Soul Mates have to be male and female, two, who coming with each other compliment and make up one particular comprehensive character, that one particular without the need of the other is not a comprehensive identity/character. I have to make it clear that counterpart identities are each male and female and you could then have a Soul Mate who was of the very same sex. Sexual orientation does not enter in, attraction does, as it could in between brother and sister or brother and brother on the physical plane. I also want to make it clear that you as a separate, exclusive and viable character, have the prospective and duty to be a comprehensive identity in your personal proper, and you really should by no means appear to comprehensive your self by means of yet another. So do not rely on your Soul Mate to comprehensive your self, you will be shirking your duty as an independent character if you rely on somebody else to aid comprehensive you.

Due to the fact the term Soul Mate is arbitrary, some of these that you may perhaps get in touch with your “”Soul Mates”” may perhaps not be actual psychological twins emerging from the very same Entity, as in Counterparts of your personal Soul, but merely somebody who you share frequent interests and ambitions, but surprisingly, you will very possibly meet or have met some of your actual Splinter Counterparts (Correct Soul Mates) and by no means have realized it, possibly by no means believed of it. Now you will. Due to the fact counterparts are attracted to every other, distance getting of no consequence, they may perhaps be attracted to every other from distant lands. It is very probably that you could discover them involved in your personal existing expertise. Appear to your closest of pals, appear in the groups that you are portion of, appear to your pals on the net and you may perhaps be shocked who you will discover considering the fact that Soul Mate Selves deep psychic connections will result in them to gravitate toward every other and physical distance is not a hindrance.

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