First Date Tips for Men: Boost Your Chances for That Second Date

Dating is very basic for most people and it’s meant to be a fun process like anything in life. Here are some helpful tips to make dating the fun process that it’s meant to be and to boost your chances of a second date.

Getting ready for a first date can be very stressful, whether you’re the man or the woman. Women often think of men as confident and always sure of what they’re doing. In reality, most men will claim they’re every bit as nervous before a first date as women.

Dress Appropriately

If possible, try to find out where you’ll be going so you can dress appropriately. It can be very embarrassing to be in a dress if you’re on a go carting date or some other sporting event. At the same time, a pair of blue jeans may be appropriate for casual dress but not a fancy restaurant.

Never Have a Friend Tag Along

No matter how nervous or self conscious you feel, or how much of a good idea it may seem at the time, never bring a friend along on a date, especially the first date. Your date will be thinking either you need your friends approval to be with them on a date or will realize that this is your first date. Your first date is about getting to know each other and you really can’t do this if you have someone else tagging along on the date. Have you heard of the saying “three’s a crowd”? Let your first date hold some nice memories.

A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

Be creative. Regardless of whom you’re taking out on a date, be creative and use the element of surprise. This will delight her every time. Sure, candlelight, flowers, candy and romantic music can’t hurt, but not every girl is into those kinds of things, especially on the first date. These gestures might be considered as too serious for the first date. Make it a point to find out what she enjoys doing before you actually go on the date.

Be On Time

Be on time for your date. This is good etiquette for all dates but more importantly with the first date. Try not to be too early either as this may just stress her out if she happens to be running late. If for some unavoidable reason you find you will be late, call her and give her an update on when she can expect you to arrive.

Never Let Too Much Alcohol Ruin the Chances of a Second Date

Remember watching one of those old movies where the college guy gets drunk in the local bar around a group of girls and he’s trying to make a good impression on one of those girls and you’re thinking “what a jerk!” Well don’t let yourself be that college kid.

Restaurants, bar and nightclubs are where many dates begin or end. Be sure you don’t get drunk. Many times people have the intention of having just one or two drinks to just loosen up or calm their nerves a little bit. They end up drinking too much and then end up making a fool of themselves. A relationship that may have developed into something great can easily be ruined by too much alcohol. Let your new date get to know the real you, not an alcohol impaired person.

Plan a Place Where You Have a Shared Interest

Keep your shared interests in mind. There was something that attracted you to her in the first place, and it was probably shared interests. Try to plan something that you know you’ll both enjoy. The date will be much more interesting and fun if it’s something you both enjoy. Introducing each other to new interests should take place after you’ve been on a few dates (hopefully it will get this far).

Don’t Talk About Yourself Too Much

One last tip is to not monopolize the floor talking on the entire date. Your date may tell you they want to know all about you, but they don’t want to know ALL about you, at least not on the first date. Getting to know each other should be a gradual process, not something you can expect to take place in one date. The less you divulge on the first date, the more they’ll want to see of you to learn more.

Lastly, relax and have fun. There was a reason you wanted to go on a date with this person, so make the most of this date.

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